Education in Spain: Girona University (Universidad de Girona)


Education in Spain is a unique opportunity to get a European education at an affordable price in a country with a rich culture, history and wonderful climate. Today education in Spain is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and beyond. Education in Spain also includes education for adults, specialized training, such as: schools of Applied Arts, language courses, dissertation writers, including Spanish language courses for foreigners, art schools and others.

Studying in Spain involves not only the practice of language, but also simplifies the process of integration into the European and international labor market.
Education in Spain at higher public and private education institutions is available for international students in all major cities of the country.
Spanish universities are one of the oldest in the world. The first university was founded in Salamanca in 1218.

Girona University (Universidad de Girona) is a public institution that is committed to excellence in teaching and research. The university is founded in Girona, and it is a part of the system of Catalan public universities.

The University appreciates its own scientific schools and traditions, preserves and develops the culture of education, combining fundamental and professional training.
Departments of the university

Faculty of pedagogy
1. Speech and Literature
2. Foreign languages
3. Musical education
4. Special education
5. Physical Education
6. Elementary education
7. Preschool education
8. Psychology and pedagogy
Faculty of Humanities
1. Philosophy
2. Spanish Philology
3. Catalan Philology
4. Latin Philology
5. History
6. History of Art

Department of Experimental and Applied Sciences
1. Natural Sciences
2. Chemistry
3. Biology

Faculty of Law
1. Jurisprudence
2. Civil Code
3. Procedural law
4. Criminal Code

Higher Technical School
1. Architecture and Construction
2. Farming equipment
3. Computer science
4. Information Systems
5. Industrial Electronics
6. Chemical industries
7. Industrial mechanics
8. Industrial design
9. Materials and Technology
10. Occupational health and safety at work

Faculty of medicine
1. Clinic
2. Therapy
3. Physiotherapy

Faculty of Economics
1. Accounting and Finance
2. Administration and management
3. Economic development
4. School of tourism
5. Tourism
6. Advertising
7. Tour operator activities

School of Art and Cinematography carrier

Nonresident students of the University are provided with rooms in one of the three dormitories: Campus Montilivi, Campus Girona Centre or Campus Barri Vell.
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