My Experience of Ordering at - TopResearchProposal Review

If you are going to order your research paper proposal from – here is my experience of doing it. I hope it will be of some use for those still hesitating.

To tell you the truth, was not my first choice, yet I was lucky enough to find them. As you can guess, my assessment will be positive, though I am still going to point out some minor issues that have to be solved.

First and foremost, the service follows UK writing standards and that is what I have been looking for. If you need a paper for a British university – what can be better than a UK-oriented provider? Getting ahead of myself let me assure you that all the standards (that I cared of) were fulfilled. Still, if you are an American student, you can still use it pretty efficiently.

It did not take me long to order my research proposal. Just a couple of minutes – and the order is submitted. The next move is payment, and this is where I was taken aback a little, as they do not start working with your order until you have paid. It is not THAT inconvenient I suppose, but still leaves an impression.

My order was not urgent but I wanted the paper to be perfect, so I opted for a top writer and thus increased my order price by 30%. Too much? Probably. Not that it made me abandon the idea, but still I thought that the work they delivered was top-notch by default…

Then the fun part began. I got a writer and started working. I’ve got to tell you that I like plunging into details and wasn’t going to pay for lame work. So I contacted my writer immediately and provided some more instructions just to be on the safe side. In the process, I also made my amendments and evaluated the work done. I guess I was a bit annoying and it seems to me the writer was not very happy, but he didn’t show it even once and respected all the guidelines I provided. After the order was delivered I looked it through and realized there still were things to work on. So I used the free-revision option. In fact, I used it as much as I could. Two weeks later the paper was still not perfect (maybe it was my problem – I wanted it to be brilliant) so I also worked on it myself.

Basically, this is it. The paper received an ‘A’ and I was pretty much satisfied with what I paid for. My opinion: the service is no doubt worthy. You, however, might have to actively monitor the process if you want it to be perfect. And if you are not that kind of a person and if you want to forget about the paper the very minute you pay for it – go look somewhere else.