Our Experience with Grademiners.com


Grademiners.com is one of good options to get an essay written by a Master or PhD graduate for hire. The site features custom writing of essays, dissertations, and non-word assignments. The writers promise to cover different subjects.

Two questions arise here. The first is: Can I order a math problem or a physics assignment here? The home page seems to be all about essays. The second is, of course, whether the site altogether is reliable. It looks nice, but does it guarantee anything? Here is what we’ve found out.

How many subjects are there on Grademiners.com?

At the first sight, Grademiners.com looks like a site specialized in Humanities, social sciences, and business. No hard sciences, no design or lab reports. Maybe that’s because the text is mostly about essays.

Whatever the reason is, we tried to order a lab report and were pleasantly surprised by the choice that the order form offered. The support team of the site confirmed that technical works and business plans are available.

So, the answer number one is: Grademiners.com offers a variety of services, including the papers in sciences and business. Let’s move on.

Are there any guarantees?

The site promises to deliver your paper “well before the deadline”. We wondered how, technically, they are going to arrange this. The only answer that appears from the website is their support team. The customer support of Grademiners.com works 24/7, in shifts. It’s also nice to see the faces of these people on the site, which is not so typical for essay writing websites.

However, we didn’t find any direct confirmation of the fact that the work will be delivered ahead of deadline. It’s just that the support team can facilitate the process at any hour.

What we found instead was a separate page with anti-fraud policy. Grademiners.com has devoted at least two points of this policy to quality assurance. Firstly, they have a team of editors to double-check your order upon request. Secondly, they provide free and extended (paid) revision.

One more pleasant guarantee is the police of non-disclosure of your personal info. That’s what you’re concerned about when ordering, isn’t it? Well, at least with Grademiners.com, your professor won’t know.

Our conclusions

Have you ever been through ordering essay writing? If no, Grademiners.com is an attractive but tricky experiment. It promises to work smoothly, but you can never know from the outlook of the site. Still, what we’ve found is that the site truly empowers students who know how to order.

If you have ordered essays before, you’ll be surprised how professional this site works, you must know how outdated is the usual look of such websites. Fortunately, Grademiners.com manages to break this stereotype, which means that the team is young and ambitious.

Whoever created Grademiners.com, did a great job. The order form works normally. The policy is clear, and the team is at least visible, which is a token of good work etiquette. Altogether, Grademiners.com is worth trying, but the results of the try seem unpredictable.