Writing a research paper:

A research paper is a scientific paper that seeks to interpret the information collected through a study. While writing a research paper, it is essential to adhere to the universal format. A research paper has eight sections that make it up.

  • The first section is the title page. The title must be informative, concise, accurate and precise. A reader should have an idea of what the paper is all about from the title. The other constituents of the title page would include the full identification details of the writer or writers if the paper was a group assignment. The course code, the date the research was conducted, the supervisor’s name and the date of submission.
  • The next segment to consider when writing a research paper is the abstract. The role of the abstract is to provide a prelude of the contents of the research paper. The ideal abstract summarizes the purpose of the study, the methodology used, the results and their interpretation. The abstract should take a maximum of two paragraph or a maximum of 250 words.
  • The introduction forms the third portion of the research paper. The objective of the introduction is to pass on the hypothesis that the study will attempt to prove. When writing a research paper, the tone used is However, the introduction has to be captivating because the reader needs to be convinced the research is interesting in order to continue reading. The introduction needs to address why this research paper contains information that will benefit the reader.
  • The methodology section discusses the details of the procedures and the processes that were employed when conducting the research. This section is the foundation of the paper because it is from the process that the information to be interpreted will be obtained.
  • In the results section, the data acquired from the research is presented. Pictorial presentations like graphs are used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the paper. This section also contains the tabulated data. It is paramount to understand that no discussions are included in the results section.
  • The discussion section attempts to create a link between the objectives of the study and the information obtained from the research. It is in the discussion that data comparisons and recommendations are put
  • References and citations from the second last segment of the paper. References and citations must be done It is vital to apprise yourself with the required format for that specific paper to avoid inconveniences.
  • When writing a research paper, common etiquette like the absence of grammatical and punctuation errors and usage of the correct tenses must be adhered to.

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The benefit of seeking help when writing research papers:

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